Monday, December 16, 2013

Thank you!

Thank you to all our wonderful MACC students and families that were either able to make it down to celebrate with Nathan and I on Saturday or blessed us with their well wishes. We had an amazing day!! 

Here are some photos as promised 😃

Have a safe holidays and wonderful Christmas!! I look forward to seeing you all in the new year 😃

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Tomorrow Book

Recycling and Sustainability are becoming increasingly important parts of our lives as resources that we use are having an impact on our environment. The Tomorrow Book is written by Jackie French and Illustrated by Sue DeGennaro . This lovely book uses recycled bits and pieces as part of the pictures as it tells the story of how people need to change and treat the environment in a sustainable way.

The book has been the focus of a HSIE/ Science unit of work, where we have been focusing on these key ideas. It was a book that generated quite a bit of discussion and thought on some ideas on how we can be sustainable in our daily lives.

We asked students to bring in items that could be used in an artwork. We discussed the items that had been used in the book and looked at the ways they had been used. The design needed to show how we could recycle something and reuse again, such as turning bottle tops into lampshades.  Each student then drew a draft version of their artwork.

Students then created their artworks using things that they had brought in, watercolours and their imagination. Each student had some great ideas and ways of using recyclable materials in an artwork.

What do you think being sustainable means? Can you think of some ways we can recycle?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dance Choreography

This term in PE Stage Two have been learning about Dance. After first learning a pre-choreographed routine, we are now beginning to work on our own dance routines. As part of this we discussed dynamics, tempo, level/space, and the need to emphasise movements.

Dance, particularly choreographing dance, is not be something that all our students have done before and I want to praise each of them for their enthusiasm and desire to have a go during these weeks. I am so impressed with not just their work ethic, but also the fantastic way they are working cooperatively in their groups.

Here are some sneak previews of a few of our dances so far:

We are very excited to present these to Stage Two in Week 10! 

*Please note that Ipods/Ipads/Tablets etc are permitted to be brought to school on a Wednesday, for the purpose of providing the soundtrack only, during this time.

Who is practicing at home? What is the best dance move that you know?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Middle School Orientation

It is an aspect of our school that we have a Junior School, Middle school and Senior School. Each part are unique in the focus and stage of a students development. In Junior school, the foundations of literacy and numeracy are established, while also supporting student growth.Students then move into Middle School, where students continue with the learning that has already been established but it also helps them to become prepared for more independent study.

It is a big step for our Year 4 students, as they make this transition and why orientation has become an important part of moving into Middle School. It's also a very exciting one!

From a personal perspective, it is both sad and satisfying to see them take that step. It is often the goal that I have been working for, all year: to see that my students are ready for that next step. I am always sad to say goodbye to my class at the end of each year, knowing that I won't have the same relationship with them or see their wonderful smiling faces every day. It is also very satisfying seeing them go to Middle School knowing that I have tried to do the best possible job to see that they are ready. The one thing that will never change is that I will always have been my students Year 4 teacher!

Orientation Day arrived and there was lots of information to read and listen too! Mrs Gray told some funny stories about growing up and about coming to Middle School. The day started with an information session for both parents and students.
Then the fun part of the day began.... An amazing race around Middle School!
Everyone had clues that had to be solved. There were quizzes about teachers, a game of handball played, even the toilets were located!! The Year 7 students who led each team did an amazing job of encouraging and leading. Then it all ended with a yummy sausage sizzle.

The best thing about orientation day is not just finding out about what will happen but also that there were some great memories too!

Have you ever had to change schools? What was that like? What are you looking forward too? 

Friday, November 22, 2013


We have been having a really fun time playing with words and writing poetry after reading Shel Silverstein's Poem "Whatif". We wrote our own versions and then to publish them we recorded ourselves reading our poems.

We hope that you enjoy them!

What is your favourite poem? Have you ever worried about something? What do you like to write about?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Have you got the Whatifs?

Poetry is about getting a chance to be creative and to play with words. We have been looking at different nonsense poems, which having been allowing us to look at words in new and creative ways.

The first poem we looked at the poem "Jabberwocky", written by Lewis Carroll. The poem uses lots of nonsense words. Before we read the poem, we had to draw a picture of what we thought a Jabberwocky looked like. Then we read the poem together. It had words in the poem like "bandersnatch" and "slithy". None of the words make sense by themselves, but in the poem they have meaning.

We learnt about a way to read poetry called Choral Reading. We watched a Youtube clip about how to read it chorally. The students in the clip read the poem together and with expression. Once everyone had the idea, we then read a poem called "The Earth is Crying". It is about caring for the environment and how people need to look after what they have. We formed small groups and created our own choral reading of the poem.

The best poem we have looked at so far is Shel Silversstein's poem "Whatif". It is a very funny poem. We talked about all the "Whatif's" that we sometimes have or think. Some of them were:

  • Whatif the dog died?
  • Whatif the earth was square instead of round?
  • Whatif there was NO WIFI?
  • Whatif if I fall out of bed?
We are currently writing poems of our own Whatif poems. This first example is Ben's Poem:

In the night there were whatif crawlies crawling into my ear
and were singing their favourite song: the Whatif la-la-by

Whatif my soup spilt?
Whatif I had to walk on stilts? 
Whatif I failed the test? 
Whatif if I wasnt the best?
Whatif everyone was cool?
Whatif if I fell in the pool?
Whatif we went on holiday? 
Whatif it was not my day? 
Whatif I forgot my hat?
Whatif the others got a bat?
Whatif my friend hated me?
Whatif he called me a Bee?
Whatif I missed the bus?
What if they thought I was a fuss?

Now that the la-la-by is over. Now I can relax and sleep!

Have you ever had the whatifs? What is your favourite Poem?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sports Presentation Night

Congratulations to all our amazing sporting stars in 3/4B and 4T! You represented our school with pride and demonstrated sportsmanship and competitiveness in all your endeavours.

Ethan - MVP Junior Neucombe Ball A

Dylan - Sportmanship award, 9 Years Boy Age Champion - Athletics

Jack - 10 Years Boy Age Champion - Swimming, 10 Years Boy Age Champion - Athletics, Junior School Sportsman of the Year.

Becky - 10 Years Girl Age Champion - Swimming, Best Primary Swimmer

Zoe - 9 Years Girls Age Champion - Athletics

Phoenix - 9 Years Girls Age Champion - Swimming

Noah - MVP Junior Neucombe Ball B

Chaye - MVP Junior Boys Soccer

Amelia - 8 Year Girls Age Champion - Swimming, 8 Year Girls Age Champion - Athletics

Lucy - 10 Years Girls Age Champion - Athletics

Hayley - MVP Junior Girls Netball